About Us

Pluto Minis was created out of a Melbourne family’s passion for Dungeons and Dragons (and all things fantasy and sci-fi). Realising the enormous benefits of imaginative play for individual satisfaction, friendship building, and for family fun and bonding, PlutoMinis was formed to provide products that are both sustainable and community minded. With these goals in mind, PlutoMinis products focus on the following:

Quality: We believe that when people buy a product, they deserve for it to not only be fit for purchase, but also to delight them. We ensure every product is double-checked for both quality and aesthetics. We are very proud of every item we produce. We use very high-resolution printers that print at 35-micron resolution, which brings to life even the smallest of details, some too small for the naked eye to see.

Range: We believe our customers should be able to run any adventure their imagination desires; therefore, we offer over one thousand different creatures and are constantly adding to that list.

Artwork: We believe in the Arts community and believe artists should have control and credit for all their work. All artwork is sourced directly from the artists under commercial arrangements that mean they can continue to create amazing content.

Local: We believe in lowering the costs of transport to benefit both the consumer, as well as the planet. We do this by reducing shipping costs and our carbon footprint by making all our products locally in Melbourne.

Climate-friendly products: We believe all of our products should have a minimal ongoing effect on the planet; so, we only use “eco-friendly” resins, which are soy bean based and we ensure that all processing materials are handled sustainably. Where ever possible we have chosen recyclable packaging, or are using materials that would have otherwise gone to landfill.

Business Integrity: We believe businesses need to do more than make money. The main focus of our business is to support local gaming communities by providing excellent products at fair prices. Additionally, all our products are sold to suppliers who have shown a commitment to their local communities, have a genuine passion for building relationships with their customers, and are owned by the people who actually work in their shops. Our business is family owned and run, and we work directly with suppliers to ensure the whole process is personal and accountable.

Community-building: We believe tabletop games have the capability of building strong relationships throughout our community. These games are accessible to everyone, are cooperative and help build empathy and friendship. We not only produce products for these games, but are also personally involved in the tabletop community; we run and participate in our own D&D groups to help support and connect people. The game-playing community are our people.

We would like to thank every person who purchases one of our products. We hope it contributes to your community, your desire for connection and we hope we can add to the fun.